2017- 2018 eStem High Baseball Roster

Akil Brooks. Axton Ramick. Brian Fender. Deantae Johnson. Dillon Wallace. Hunter Aaron. Isaiah Newell. Ja'veon Rounds. Jeremiah Encalade. Joseph Lamon.

2017- 2018 eStem High Baseball Roster Akil Brooks

Kenny Brazil

Axton Ramick

Micah Smith

Brian Fender

Nairobi White

Deantae Johnson

Nate Scallion

Dillon Wallace

Noah Scallion

Hunter Aaron

Peyton Sewell

Isaiah Newell

Romero James

Ja’veon Rounds

Tyler Fields

Jeremiah Encalade

Tyler Hawkins

Joseph Lamon

Woodrow Dean

Kayton Thruston

Xavier Holliman

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2017 -2018 eStem High Softball Roster. Karrington Schackleford. Kennedi Jackson. Keely Collier. Kennedy Allen. Hannah Cuffel. Truth Betts-McCullum. Kiersten Saderup. Jaylen Mallard. Chloe Connors. Nandi Hervey. Catelyn O'Gwin. Logan Hampton. Lauren S

DATE. OPPONENT. TIME TEAMS. February 26 th. –. March 3 rd. Maumelle Tournament 5:00pm V/JV. March 5 th. @ McClellan. 5:00pm V/JV. March 6 th. Robinson** 1. 5:00pm V/V. March 8 th. @ Riverview. 5:00pm V/JV. March 13 th. @ Bauxite. 5:00pm V/V. March

Sophia Gomez. Aidan Peterson. Mallory Cain. Zoë Harper. Caroline McCreight. Gabrielle Harville. Morgan Stracener. Aleecia Evans. Kennedy Hinton. Claudia Smith. Cassidy Tarkington. Quinn Derossitte. Cece Hoffman. D'Lorya Holloway. Lauren Baser. Laure

Isaiah Jones. Trevyon McGraw. Kobie Holsted. Nathanael Davis. Oscar Morton. Will Jones. Rhey Corpuz. Sam Smith. Colin Matthews. Jose Del Cid. Kalin Smith. Jasson Chavarrio. Ernesto Elias. Max Felder. Nelson Rodriguez. Carlos Tidwell. Isaiah Guerra. A

Feb 26, 2018 - April 4 th. @Lake Village. 5:00/7:00pm. April 10 th. Hermitage. 5:00/7:00pm. April 12 th. Episcopal. 5:00/7:00pm. April 17 th. @Star City. 5:00/7:00pm. April 19 th. Warren **. 5:00/7:00pm. May 10 th. – 12 th. State Tournament. South

eStem High School 2017-2018 Softball. DATE. OPPONENT. TIME. March 5 th. @ McClellan. 4:30. March 6 th. Robinson**. 4:30. March 9 th. @Episcopal. 4:30. March 13 th. @ Bauxite (DH). 4:30. March 16 th. @ Robinson. 4:30. March 27 th. Baptist Prep**. 4:30

Dunbar / Parkview** 4:30 8G 8B 9G 9B. December 11 th. @ Robinson. 4:30 8G 8B 9G 9B. December 14 th. CAC**. 4:30 8G 8B 9G 9B. January 4 th. Episcopal**.

eStem High School 2017-2018 Basketball. DATE ... Lisa Academy**. 5:00 ... SG & SB. February 2nd. @ Episcopal. 6:00. SG& SB. February 6th. Lonoke **. 6:00.

with a series of timed essays related to the novel study. Lastly, you will be responsible for reading. Barbara Kingsolver's novel, The Poisonwood Bible, over the ...

Sandals and open-toed shoes are permitted. • Flip-flops & thong sandals are not permitted. • Crocs, slippers/house shoes, shoes that resemble house shoes and ...