27 March

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27 March 2014 Dear Parents/Caregivers TERM? Welcome to week 9! I can’t believe how quickly this term has gone - &me sure does fly when you’re having fun! On Monday evening this 27 March week we welcomed our TCEO Educa&on Consultant St Francis vs St Patrick’s Mary-Ellen Pa-nson who was here for our mee&ng Swimming Carnival in about Year 7 reten&on. A big thank you to all of our Winton parents who a2ended this mee&ng and a reminder to please return your surveys to us by the end of the term. Tomorrow we are heading 1 April over to Winton and I have End of Term Picnic on spoken with a few very excited children about this! the Oval 6:00pm David Manning has introduced an “Interschool Compe&&on” shield that we will be ba2ling for at the swimming carnival 4 April tomorrow. Hopefully it’s something that will be Last day of Term 1 bringing back with us on Friday ☺ Next week is the last week of Free Dress Day term and we will celebra&ng with a get Gold Coin for Caritas together on our school oval on Tuesday night. Bring School finishes 12:00pm along a picnic, a rug or some chairs for a great chance to catch up at the end of what has been a busy term.

8 Flinders Street Hughenden Q 4821 Fax: (07) 4741 1519 W: www.sfsh.catholic.edu.au


22 April Term 2 commences

Weekly Relection

All smiles on World Happiness Day

Retaining Year 7 students meeng

Retaining Year 7 students meeng

Glenda Scrase

Principal [email protected]

Every morning when you wake up, you are given another day of life. This gi of life is precious. To say that it’s precious is really a colossal understatement. Being alive is more valuable than anything else that one can own and possess. The greater your appreciaon for being alive, the more enthusiasc you will be when wake up each morning. Your Creator gives you life this moment for a reason. Your life is purposeful. Just imagine the enthusiasm you are going to experience when you realize that the Creator and Sustainer of the universe is saying to you, "I am giving you life this very moment. Appreciate it." Source: h2p:// www.appleseeds.org/WakeUp_Enthusiasm.htm

Prep/1 at sport

Student of the Week 24 April ANZAC Day Liturgy

25 April ANZAC Day

29/03—Lawrence Corney 29/03—Glenda Scrase

Prep/1 - Lawrence Corney Year 2/3/4 - Angus Ford Year 5/6/7 - Danielle Sladden

Gold Card Draw Winner This week’s Gold Card Winner is Anna Wearing for an excellent &me at the worms.

Class In The Spotlight This week the Year 5/6/7 class is in the spotlight. Please join us for assembly on Thursday morning this week in the 5/6/7 classroom.

This week we welcome Jade Nicolson to our Year 2/3/4 class. Welcome Jade!

Congratula&ons Liam Young! This week’s Gospel Value was

St Francis School is seeking a school officer for 10 hours a week commencing in Term 2 2014. The successful applicant will be required to:

• •

Be part of a team of educators commi2ed to excellence

• • •

Work one-on-one or with small groups of students

Work in classrooms with teachers providing support for students Provide Literacy and Numeracy support to students Liaise with teachers to determine the progress and well-being of students at school

Please connue to keep the following people in your thoughts and prayers:

• • •

Bishop Michael Putney Sr Patricia

Sr Ita

Have a current Working with Children Suitability Card (Blue Card) Wri2en applica&ons should include a resume and the names and contact details of two referees. Applica&ons close Friday 28 March and should be addressed to: The Principal St Francis School PO Box 69 HUGHENDEN Q 4821 Alterna&vely applica&ons can be emailed to [email protected]

Students in Year 5/6/7 are reminded to return their Mulkadee forms by the end of the term. Last week we also sent out notes about ICAS Tests. If you would like your child to par&cipate, please return the notes to the office as soon as possible.

This week in Carbon Kids we con&nued with our projects. 5/6/7 watered and weeded the bush tucker garden, 2/3/4 made sure their seedlings were growing well as well as making sure they are ge-ng enough water. Prep/1 fed and drained the worm juice to water the plants.

Our core values focus for Week 9 is

Congratulaons Marama McCarthy!

Thank you to the Ford Family for cupcakes this week. The Gough Family is on cupcakes next week. Thank you Lynne and Stacy for helping in the tuckshop this week. Next week’s helpers are Sam and Jono.

Our next mee&ng is on Monday 12 May at 7:00pm in the staffroom.

Our student awards this week will reflect these values.

2/3/4 with their masks that they made in Geography

Prep/1 reading with Ms Margy

Year 5/6/7 doing dic&onary defini&ons

Give your old clothes and toys to people who need them or swap them among your friends.

Andrew Rankin visited our school on Tuesday 4 March and took some photos which are to be used for promo&onal purposes for Townsville Catholic Educa&on. Here are some of the photos he took on his visit.