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Speakers: Michael Corjulo, APRN. WEBINAR. Diabetes. Speaker: TBA. DINNER GALA - Birchwoods, Woodbridge, CT. 50th Anniversary Meeting & Recognition ...




January 30

WEBINAR Medication Administration Regulations (Part 2) Speaker: Donna Kosiorowski, RN & Pat Krin, APRN

February 1

DINNER MEETING - Baci Grill, Cromwell, CT Preventing & Responding to Intimate Partner Violence: What School Nurses Need to Know Speaker: Jillian Gilcrest

4pm to 5pm


March 15

4pm to 5pm

Continuing Educational Events Calendar

April 26

4pm to 5pm

WEBINAR Concussions Speakers: Michael Corjulo, APRN WEBINAR Diabetes Speaker: TBA


DINNER GALA - Birchwoods, Woodbridge, CT 50th Anniversary Meeting & Recognition Awards



May 9

July 11 & 12 August 23

4pm to 5pm

MEETING 2018 Summer Institute for School Nurses WEBINAR Vaccine/CIRTS Annual Update Speakers - Mick Bolduc, DPH Immunization Dept.

*All dates are subject to change - please confirm 2018

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4pm to 5pm - Speaker: Laine Taylor, D.O., Consulting Psychiatrist. DINNER MEETING: Overview and Genesis of Narcan in CT. 5pm - Baci Grill, 134 Berlin Rd, ...

MEETING:Getting a Grip on Gender: A No-Holds Barred Q&A for School Nurses. Country House, East Haven CT. Speaker - Robin McHaelen, Executive Director, True Colors, Inc. ASSOCIATION OF SCHOOL NURSES OF CONNECTICUT. Apr 26. 2018. May 9. 2018. Aug 23. 2

Newsletter: Annette Sauerbrunn, [email protected]; Education: Karen Owen ... School Nurses Association of Maine at the Holiday Inn.

Policy, AIDS Connecticut (ACT) and a member of the ... Newsletter: Annette Sauerbrunn, [email protected]; Education: Karen Owen ...

11 Daylight Saving. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17 St. Patrick's Day. 18 ... Missions Trip to Texas Gulf Coast for Hurricane Relief. 9 am Men's Breakfast. 6 pm Roadshow ...

Jan 14, 2018 - 8th-12th Grade DG - meets weekly on Sundays from 6:30-8pm. Please note there will be NO DG on. December 24 or 31. DECEMBER 31. NO SERVICES ... Do you wonder what God's like, and how to understand Him better? Do you want to know His wil

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Aug 10, 2017 - Taste of Newton – Thursday, October 12. Faculty Development Day – Friday, October 13, NO SCHOOL. Beginning of 2nd Quarter – Monday, ...

MPWA Initial Run Approval Deadline. MPWA Final Run Approval Deadline. Dock Reporting Deadline. Time Reporting & Absence Entry Deadline (all employees). Time & Absence Approval Deadline. Student / Hourly / Misc. Payments Payday. Faculty / Staff Payday

Cinco de Mayo. Sunday, May 13. Epworth Children's Home. Mother's Day Offering. Please PNyerfully consider giving to this ministry as. Eprorth is NOT an ...