Chapter 10 Study Guide

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Environmental Science. Mrs. Lutz. Chapter 10. Study Guide. Urbanization How can we balance our needs for housing & jobs with the needs of the environment?

Environmental Science Mrs. Lutz

Chapter 10

Study Guide


How can we balance our needs for housing & jobs with the needs of the environment?

I. Lesson 1: Land Use and Urbanization a. How do we use the land we live on? b. Notes, Homework, & Diagrams

10.1 Lesson Assessment Reading Checkpoint (p.297) Q1 – 4 (p.298) Guiding Question (I.a)

i. Chapter 10.1 Guided Notes (including the questions!) ii. Land cover v. land use, urban v. rural, rise of cities, environmental costs & benefits of urbanization iii. Heat Islands Diagram, p. 296 c. Warm Ups & Cool Downs II. Lesson 2: Sprawl a. How can the effects of urbanization lead to sprawl? b. Notes, Homework, & Diagrams

10.2 Lesson Assessment Reading Checkpoints (pp.300 & 303) Q1 – 3 (p. 304) Guiding Question (II.a)

i. Chapter 10.2 Guided Notes (including the questions!) ii. Contributors, patterns for, and impact of sprawl c. Warm Ups & Cool Downs III. Lesson 3: Sustainable Cities a. What are the characteristics of a sustainable city? b. Notes, Homework, & Diagrams

10.3 Lesson Assessment Reading Checkpoints (pp.308, 309, & 310) Q1 – 4, 6 (p. 304) Guiding Question (III.a)

i. Chapter 10.3 Guided Notes (including the questions!) ii. City planning, transportation, open space, green building design / sustainable architecture, urban successes c. Warm Ups & Cool Downs IV. Vocabulary

Chapter 10 Assessment Multiple Choice: Q1 – 4, 6 – 10 Modified True / False: Q11 – 15 Short Answers: Q20 – 26 Critical Thinking: Q27 – 29 Big Question

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