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CLASSDOJO LAUNCHES TRENDSPOTTER TO SHOW INSIGHTS Get amazing insights and celebrate improvement - with no extra work! SILICON VALLEY, May 16th, 2013 - ClassDojo, the global leader in behavior management and learning skills development, has released a new feature called “TrendSpotter.” ClassDojo TrendSpotter helps teachers easily discover how their students are improving over time, get amazing insights into their class, see patterns in their students’ behavior, and delight parents, students and administrators with good news about how their students are improving. (Photo: ) (Logo: ) Kalen Gallagher, a former teacher who is part of the ClassDojo team, said: “as always, we listened to what our teachers needed – and we built this feature based on feedback from thousands of teachers, parents, and students!” 1. TrendSpotter makes it easy to see and celebrate students’ improvement TrendSpotter shows teachers how any behavior is improving by the hour, day, or week. You can easily see your students develop and celebrate your progress together! 2. TrendSpotter unlocks amazing insights into your classroom Which students struggle on Fridays? Who needs extra support to stay “on-task” right after lunch? What students have shown the most progress in “participation” this semester? These questions were difficult, if not impossible, to answer before - now, with TrendSpotter, teachers can answer them in seconds! 3. TrendSpotter is completely customizable for every classroom “We know every teacher and classroom has different needs, so we built TrendSpotter to be incredibly flexible,” said Kalen, ”teachers can now get the exact insights they want to know about in seconds.” 4. TrendSpotter makes it easy to delight and engage parents, students and administrators With all the trends and insights TrendSpotter provides, parent-teacher conferences and reports become delightful: not only are they easier, but they are more engaging too! Teachers can now easily share the good news about how their students have improved. About ClassDojo: ClassDojo helps millions of teachers, students and parents improve behavior at school and at home. Teachers and students in every single state – and in more than 60 countries – now use ClassDojo to build positive behaviors like curiosity, persistence, hard work, and teamwork. ClassDojo’s mission is to help students develop the behaviors and character strengths they need for lifelong success. Contact: Kalen Gallagher [email protected]