CN 27 March 2018

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Container Ministry News 27 March 2018 ISINKWA SETHEKU POTJIE OUTREACH, DURBAN CBD - PAT POTGIETER Thanks to Isinkwa Setheku and their faithful volunteers Potjie Outreach has become a welcome tradition for the disadvantaged folk in Durban’s CBD. Six times a year at a venue on South Beach. Durban, everyone receives a hot meal cooked and served by caring volunteers. We asked Isinkwa Setheku’s Director, Pat Potgieter, how many people get a meal and he said he never counts because it wasn’t about the numbers, but about reaching the people and giving them hope. Thank you Pat for your many faithful years of caring for the downtrodden. May you enjoy your well deserved retirement.

The Container Ministry is a registered NPO (041-680) and PBO (93001 7997). It operates out of Durban South Africa, under the auspices of Grace Family Church. CM receives containers of donated goods mostly from overseas, and distributes to missionaries and/or Christian agencies, who in turn distribute directly to needy communities in their area of ministry. Contact CM: Phone: +27 31-575-9300 email: [email protected] or or facebook/gracecontainerministry