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Introducing: The E-Commerce Empire Roadmap. • 5-Steps of Launching a Successful E-Commerce Business. • Step #1: ^ a-. • Step #2: IX. (iLV'ihk. • Step #3: (Ilo>tJt yndu-c^. • Step #4: 'xll %. • Stop #5i. Li'^. • 99% of all e-commerce entrepreneurs fail because they don't have _. (gj^aftupBfos ...

'Yoa don't need a Job,


EMPIRE Note-Taking Worksheet

Introducing: The E-Commerce Empire Roadmap •5-Steps of Launching a Successful E-Commerce Business • Step #1: ^ a•Step #2: IX. (iLV'ihk

• Step #3:

(Ilo>tJt yndu-c^

• Step #4: 'xll % • Stop #5i


•99% of all e-commerce entrepreneurs fail because they don't have _ (gj^aftupBfos



What Makes a Good Product? Good Products tend to be...

/'lufC^hU^ cJiAJLA^ sLy

• Selling between $_L£_ - %J£^

• Low-end ($ /^)- rf)4- Jr 3L

won't destroy profit margins • High-end($_^)- doesn't require much

• AJoW-

"df/MM. of Wfjia

• Most importantly, you need • Aim for iL% when starting out • Make sure you can eventually achieve J^%

(gStaftupBfos VEz/t-,

rfffl Infcct o jet...


What Makes a Bad Product? Bad Products tend to be...

• Technically • You want a

or requires error

• Are sold in mar oA: MSC

(i.e. Jki-U Ui^ncUff]



Product Brainstorming & Discovery

There's a few product discovery strategies working now... • OlA

Method: Amazon

• Method #1: Method #2: Spy on the

• fo}\JlA4AJo^ /Ll\jlt(^ Jw tr/'c)

(mj^artupBfos dm'liutdajct...

, MM;e{


When Researching Products

Force yourself to stay Focus ONLY on

We recommend using to keep yourself organized

^taftupBfos ')c
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