Fitz Roy. In a letter to Tonček Arko, Solvenes Bogdan Biščak

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Fitz R oy. In a letter to T onček A rko, Solvenes B ogdan B iščak, R ado Fabjan and M atevž L enarč ič told o f an ascent they m ade w hen they first arrived in the region. It w ould seem that they had not join ed the rest o f the Slovene expedition to C erro T orre in the first days in the region. The letter reads, “W e got to Base C am p at R ío B lanco on D ecem ber 15. W e fixed 300 m eters o f rope on the south face o f Fitz Roy on two lovely days. A fter som e storm days, on D ecem ber 21, we left Base C am p at seven P .M . to get to the B recha de los Italianos at five A .M . W e began our new route [Just how it differed from previous routes is not yet clear.— E ditor.] at seven o ’clock. A lthough the w eather w ent bad at two P .M ., we kept on and reached the sum m it at five P .M . It was w indy and snow ­ ing. W e were lucky to get dow n safe and sound before night and bivouacked in the B recha de los Italianos. The next day we descended to Base betw een ava­ lanches of fresh snow . W e had been 44 hours alm ost w ithout food or d rin k .”