Perrysburg Travel Softball Tryouts

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Perrysburg Travel Softball Tryouts Location: Slaske/Rivercrest Fields 13761 Eckel Junction Perrysburg, OH 43551 Tuesday, August 1, 2017 10U: (birth year 2007 or higher) ... 5:30 registration and warm up starts; 6:00 tryout starts 12U: (birth year 2005/2006) ... 6:00 registration and warm up starts; 6:30 tryout starts 14U: (birth year 2003/2004) ... 6:30 registration and warm up starts; 7:00 tryout starts

Make-up date for ALL ages = Monday August 7th starting at 6:00 PM. We need to know if you plan to attend this make-up date, please, so that we can plan accordingly. Please email to inform of make-up date attendance: [email protected]

****Please fill out the registration form on page 2 of this document and bring it with you to the tryout. Also, check out pages 3 and 4 for FAQs.

PABSC Travel Softball Team Registration Name: ______________________________________

D.O.B ________________

Parent Names: __________________________________________________________ Address: _______________________________________________________________ Parent email address: (please print clearly) ________________________________________________ Cell #: _________________________________________________________________ Home # ___________________________________________________________________ I am trying out for: (circle one) 10u (birth year 07 and up) 12u (birth year 05/06) 14u (birth year 03/04)

Primary Position: __________________________Secondary position: ______________________ Names of specialty coaches I take lessons from on a regular basis: ____________________________ Name of the Softball Team I played on this summer:__________________________________________ Coach’s Name: _____________________________Years played Softball: _______________________ Other sports and activities you are involved in besides Softball: _________________________________

To help determine the amount and level of competition that is right for your family, circle Y or N for the following: My daughter is interested and willing to play: Spring Ball ( Y N ), which is Friday night as well as Sunday double headers from April to mid-May; Fall Ball ( Y N ), which is Sunday double headers from September to October; practice once a week with the team starting in March 2016 ( Y N ).

WAIVER: My daughter has permission to participate in the try out and practice sessions for PABSC Travel Softball Teams. I realize that injuries in Softball are rare and usually minor in nature but do occur. I will not hold PABSC, its coaches or representatives responsible for injuries, damages, or losses that my child may incur as a result of this try out. Parent/Guardian Signature ____________________________________ Date __________________

Frequently Asked Questions about Travel Softball My daughter has mixed feelings about trying out? That is a decision you need to make together. Our teams will be selected based on ability and performance. She will be treated fairly and with respect. She will likely have fun, especially if she views it as “just a practice”. She will be able to see where she is strong and where she needs to work. How far does the “Travel” team travel? The travel is limited to Northwest Ohio. It is likely that the other team is from a community that is in the NLL (Perrysburg High School’s league), such as Maumee, Anthony Wayne, or Sylvania. What should she bring to the try out? She should bring everything she would use in a game. That is glove, bat, helmet, face mask, sliding shorts, sliding pads, and cleats. Does my child have to try out for their age group? Your daughter can play above age but not below it. That is, of course, if she is able to make the team. We would recommend that she try out for her age group and if she wants to try to play up to indicate that to the coach and/or commissioner. What is she trying out for? She will be trying out for the PABSC Summer Travel team. The season is from mid-May to mid-July with the league tournament being in mid-July. They will play on Monday through Thursday evenings. Teams may practice in the fall and indoors during the winter months. The frequency and number of practices is up to the individual team. How much will it cost? This varies from team to team and year to year. A good estimate would be around $150 plus the cost of the uniform, which is somewhere in the $40 range. Do PABSC Travel teams play in any weekend tournaments? This is an individual team decision, but they have in the past, as a way of getting some tournament experience for those girls not on a tournament team. What is Spring Ball? Our teams often play spring ball together. They use it as tune up for the summer season. Spring ball starts first of April and ends mid-May with a weekend tournament. They play Sunday double headers and an occasional Friday night. What is Fall Ball? Fall Ball starts mid-September and last about six weeks. It has traditionally been Sunday double headers. You can play in this as an individual or as a team. This is an individual team decision.

What if my daughter can’t make the tryout date? That is the purpose of the make –up date, but if at all possible she should try to make the regular try out. It will give the coaches a better opportunity to see her in comparison to those her own age. Email [email protected] if your daughter cannot make the tryout date. Will we be informed if my daughter doesn’t make a team? If your daughter doesn’t make the team you will be contacted through the parents’ email address. We prefer the parent explain to their daughter the situation - letting her know that this is an evaluation of where she is and not where she can one day be. Only she makes that decision, and if she decides to work hard, she will continue to improve and be a better player. Will we be able to talk about my daughter’s performance? We are always willing to talk to parents about ways to help their daughters improve. We are not willing to discuss comparisons between specific girls. What are tournament teams like Magic, Wizards, Lady Irish, or Lasers? In softball, it is common for committed players to play on tournament teams. These teams usually play exclusively on the weekends in tournaments. They may play locally or not and overnight travel is not uncommon. Playing on a tournament does not conflict with PABSC Travel teams by design. Our league is run by the Magic’s parent organization, SGS (Suburban Girls Softball). The league games are Monday through Thursday evenings and do not conflict with the typical Friday through Sunday tournament.