Postgraduate Research @ UNSW

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Postgraduate Research @ UNSW Margaret O’Byrne O Byrne

Director G d t R Graduate Research School hS h l [email protected]

Research @ UNSW Group of 8 Australian Universities

Universitas 21 International Universities

UNSW – top p research performer p UNSW is the state’s top ranked university based on the Excellence in p which evaluated research activity y and Research for Australia report, quality in the country’s 41 higher education institutions. The Australian Research Council, assessed performance across eight broad discipline groups groups, broken down into 22 fields and 157 specific subject areas. Results are based on a range of indicators including publications and citations, expert review and international benchmarks. Nationally, UNSW received the 4th highest rating – 4.04 of a maximum 5 – measuring its performances in all broad fields of research as “at, above or well above” world standard.

In 33 subject areas, UNSW received the top or equal top rating, scoring five out of five in 19 areas:

Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Analytical Chemistry Art Theory and Criticism Banking, Finance and Investment Business and Management Cardiovascular Medicine and Haematology Civil Engineering Clinical Sciences Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Evolutionary Biology Film, Television and Digital Media Historical Studies Human Movement and Sports Science Immunology Macromolecular and Materials Chemistry Marketing Numerical and Computational Mathematics Performing Arts and Creative Writing Psychology

All postgraduate research students are enrolled in Schools within Faculties:

Faculty F Faculty lt Dean D Associate Dean Research Higher Degree Committee

School Head of School Postgraduate Coordinator

Dean of Graduate Research Graduate Research School

Supervisor/Co-supervisor Academic progress and support

Administrative Ad i i t ti processes and support

The Graduate Research School Laura Poole‐Warren Dean

Margaret O’Byrne g y Director

Assistant Director

Dominic Mooney ‐ Manager

Phil Moffat ‐ Manager g

Dr Shona Blair

Admission & Scholarships

Candidature & Thesis




Student Liaison

Role of the Dean of Graduate Research •

Executive responsibility for the Graduate Research School

Oversight of all higher degree research candidatures

Policy – Development, review and implementation of all policy and procedures relating to research training – Takes action on academic matters on recommendation of School/Faculty

Strategy – Work with Deans, Associate Deans, Directors of Postgraduate Research to develop strategy for research training at UNSW – Development of recruitment strategy in collaboration with School/Faculty

Graduate Research School G S ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ ƒ

Higher Degree Committee support Policy y Advice Student Support/ Skills Development Applications for admission and scholarships Travel funding Student loans Enrolment Candidature Progression Thesis management Graduation Alumni

What is Postgraduate Research? The contributions of UNSW's 3,400 current higher g degree g research candidates are critical to our outstanding international research reputation ~2,750 PhD students ~650 Masters students Research study involves original and critical enquiry that makes a significant contribution to existing knowledge of relevance both nationally and internationally Candidates are required to produce a thesis embodying the results of independent investigation under the guidance of a academic supervisors The goal of research is the publication, public demonstration and practical application of research findings

Postgraduate Research Programs @ UNSW – 3,400 Postgraduate Research Students – 80% PhD – PhD 3 to 4 years full-time (FT) – Masters by Research 1.5 to 2 years FT – Master of Philosophy 1 to1.5 years FT – – – –

Perhaps some coursework Mainly research 2 Supervisors Produce a thesis

Applying for a Postgraduate R Research hD Degree Satisfy Academic Requirements Find a Supervisor / Project p g

Research proposal

Proof of contact with supervisor

Apply for Admission Online through myUNSW

Submit documentation

Accept offer and enrol

Admission Requirements • PhD • Completed Masters by Research, or • Equivalent to 4 year Bachelor's degree with 1st or upper 2nd class Honours from an Australian Universityy ((including g a substantial research component) p ) • Masters by Research • Equivalent to 4 year Bachelor's degree with Honours from an Australian University (including a substantial research component) • Master of Philosophy: 1 year min – 1.5 years max • Bachelor’s degree from UNSW, or a equivalent

Admissions and Scholarships Team Phil Moffat | Manager [email protected]

• Applications for admission • Applications for scholarships • Managing scholarships • Travel funding • Student loans

Candidature and Thesis Team Dominic Mooneyy | Manager g [email protected]

• Enrolment • Changes to candidature • Thesis submission • Leave requests q • Graduation

Student Liaison Dr Shona Blair | Manager [email protected]

• Induction, career/skills development seminars • Handbook and other publications • Newsletter • Advice on policy and procedure • Confidential advice on any candidature issues

Candidature Contacts

G S Contacts GRS C ƒ Admissions and  Admissions  and Scholarships Contacts Scholarships Contacts For international candidates | [email protected] 

ARTS and SOCIAL SCIENCES Anita Anderson| [email protected] 

BUILT ENVIRONMENT Gina Schien | [email protected] 

BUSINESS Michelle Liu | [email protected]

ENGINEERING Sean Goodwin | [email protected] Sean Goodwin | engineering [email protected] edu au

LAW For domestic candidates |

Gina Schien | [email protected] 

[email protected]

MEDICINE Michelle Liu | [email protected]


SCIENCE Gerry Reyes | [email protected]


UNSW @ ADFA  Student Administrative Services | [email protected]

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