Power Supply

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meshed (W-300DAT) or serrated seal (W-300DATS). This machine is ideal for sealing coated aluminum foil, coated Kraft paper, cellophane, coffee bags, &.

Tabletop Direct Heat Sealer with Foot Switch Control W-300DA is a tabletop, automatic and direct heat sealer that seals all types of thermoplastic packaging material. The sealer will seal materials up to 12” wide and 20 mil total thickness with a 15mm wide meshed (W-300DAT) or serrated seal (W-300DATS). This machine is ideal for sealing coated aluminum foil, coated Kraft paper, cellophane, coffee bags, & other thick materials.


The sealer is equipped with an electronic thermo controller for maintaining consistent temperature and an electronic timer to control the sealing time. Once the settings of the thermostat & timer are set, consistent seals can be maintained. The sealing operation is controlled by an attached foot switch so it leaves both hands free. The sealer is ivory in color. The sealing bars are enclosed with heat resistant plastic bars for safer operation. The unit also comes with a work table.

OPERATION: Operation is very simple. Set the temperature on the thermo controller depending on the material to be sealed. Always start with the minimal setting & slowly increase if needed. Set the timer setting for the length of the sealing time. When the ready light on the thermo controller turns green, insert the material between the two sealing bars. Activate the foot switch to start the sealing process. mesh jaw

serrated jaw W-300DATS: This sealer has Teflon-coated, serrated seal bars, a horizontal line imprint. W-300DAT: This sealer has Teflon-coated, standard mesh seal bars.

Specifications Power Supply


Max Sealing (L x W)

12” x 15mm

Power (watt)



38 lbs.

Temperature Range

0-300°C 30-550°F

Dimensions (L x W x H)

12.6” x 13.4” x 6.7”

Teflon is a registered trademark of Du Pont.

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