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Quartz Chronicle. September 1, 2016z. Dates to. Remember: January 16th. • No School. Martin Luther King. January 18th. • Trait Assembly. Early Release Day.

Quartz Chronicle Date: 1/12/2017 Vol. 16-17: Issue 8

September 1, 2016z

Featuring the Royal Quartz Ms. Taylor, Mr. Robby, and Ms. Debra Curriculum: 3rd Cultural Rotations 6th Grade Science: Life Science: Ecosystems/Food Chains/Biomes 4th Grade Science: Life Science: Ecosystems, Kingdoms, Water Cycle 5th Grade Science: Physical Science: The Periodic Table/Study of Elements 6th Grade Social Studies: Westward Expansion 4th Grade Social Studies: Ranchos and Missions 5th Grade Social Studies: California Geography and the Historic Path to Statehood

Dates to Remember: January 16th  No School Martin Luther King

Hello parents of the Quartz class! My name is Ms. Taylor. If you have not introduced yourself please do so, I would love to meet everyone. Just a couple new procedures: Homework: Students will be doing spelling at home and reading for 30 min each night. Please sign your name at the bottom of each day in their planner. Also, students need to choose a science fair topic and write how they are going to test their investigative question.

January 18th 

Trait Assembly Early Release Day

January 20th 

Movie Night

January 25th 

Art Walk 4-6PM

January 27th 

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Reports & Projects: Wax Museum: The Wax Museum was a success due to the efforts of our students, parents, and teachers! Thank you for your support with this project! Biography Informational Writing: We will be starting an expository text on a civil rights leader starting Tuesday, January 17. Students will choose a civil rights leader to write a 5-6 paragraph biography about. Science Fair: Students received the Science Fair prompt on Thursday, December 15th (an electronic copy can be found on our classroom website). Please look over the prompt with your child and begin the planning process.

Don’t forget! Activities January Campus On January 20th, our campus will enjoy Movie Night! Come enjoy popcorn and a movie shown on the big screen (yes, really the wall but it is a big picture!). Then, on the 25th, you can come to campus to see the artistic examples created by the students and the art auction!

Classroom Reminders: Winston needs Dubias beetles. These are located on Elk Grove Blvd. Your donations would be much appreciated!

Let us love winter, for it is the spring of genius.” - Pietro Aretino

Birthday Week Juan Pablo’s birthday week will be the week of January 9-13!

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December 7th. • Assembly @ 10:30am. • Early Release Day -. Dismissal at Noon. (Tutoring). December 12th. • Biography Outline. Due (in class). December 13th. • CMP Spelling Bee at. 3:30pm in Jasper. December 14th. • Wax Museum at the. Elk Gr

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