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SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION Raritan Helping Boat Owners Go Green with the New Hold n’ Treat System Although being green is a hot topic today, Raritan has helped protect the marine environment for more than 50 years. Thanks to pioneering innovations such as the Lectra/San onboard waste treatment system, the New Jersey company’s name is synonymous with responsible boating. Now, Raritan is helping the owners of small- to mid-size boats go “green” with the introduction of the new Hold n’ Treat system. The first and only product of its kind for boats under 65 feet, this efficient onboard system allows owners to store their waste in No Discharge Zones and other environmentally sensitive waters and legally discharge it when they reach an approved area. “Our new system will end time-consuming trips to the pump-out station – and it also will end boat owners’ frustration when they finally get there with a full holding tank, only to find the pump-out is closed,” says Arthur Bretnall, Jr., president of Raritan. Legal in all waters, the Hold n’ Treat system combines the ElectroScan U.S. Coast Guard-certified Type I marine sanitation device (MSD) – the latest evolution of the Lectra/San – with a Type III 15-gallon holding tank. This versatile system stores waste when the boat is operating in sensitive areas. A sturdy locking switch prevents accidental discharge. When sewage can be discharged, however, the waste transfer pump moves waste from the holding tank to the MSD, where it undergoes treatment before it is safely and legally expelled.

Water purity This environmentally friendly system treats waste to a level of 10 coliform bacteria per three ounces of water, far exceeding Type I standards, as well as exceeding the standards for both swimming beaches and shellfish harvesting. It also kills viruses without the use of harmful chemicals. The degree of water purity achieved by the Hold n’ Treat system often surpasses that of the water in which the boat is floating! Extremely effective for its size, the Hold n’ Treat unit measures just 26.25" L x 18.5" W x 18" H and can process 140 gallons of waste per week. Installation of the “drop-in-place” sanitation system, which can handle up to two toilets, is simple. The system comes pre-wired, plumbed and ready to use. Easy to clean and maintain, the Hold n’ Treat available in both 12V and 24V DC models. Designed to suit the needs of a wide variety of boat owners, it can be used in salt, fresh and brackish water – when it is operated in conjunction with freshwater toilets, a separate salt-feed pump is required. The Hold n’ Treat has three settings: automatic, no-discharge and override. System status is displayed on an easyto-read LCD screen. In automatic mode, an external tank-level monitor and integrated control operates the system. Soundings

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June 2008

Waste is treated at low level, reserving the majority of the tank capacity for use in the no-discharge mode. A blinking red light alerts the boat owner when the tank is full. The engineering behind the versatile Hold n’ Treat system is the culmination of half a century of unparalleled experience. Today, Raritan Engineering is the largest producer of Type I MSD systems in the world. “Raritan products prove their reliability every day under the rugged demands of real-world boating,” Bretnall said. “Each product from production to packaging to end use is considered and always produced in the


Raritan’s new Hold n’ Treat system



Highly effective acid-replacement technology for easy and safe removal of heavy stains (tannic-acid, fuel, rust, etc.), and calcium/lime deposits (barnacles, zebra mussels, and other encrustations). Contains natural organic salts to replace traditional mineral and harsh acids, abrasives and solvents. May be used as a pontoon or aluminum “acid wash”. Safe on metals and virtually all other surfaces. Regular strength is pre-diluted for lighterduty tasks and packaged in a convenient trigger spray bottle. Sizes available: liters & gallons, 32oz/946mL trigger spray bottle (regular strength only). 000366 $10.09 Spray, 000364 $11.69 1L, 000365 $41.99 Gallon

Neutralizes odor on contact and continues to clean and eliminate offensive marine odors by digesting odor-causing bacteria on virtually any surface. Highly concentrated bacteria and enzymes actively digest odor-causing organic material. Use on carpets, canvas, vinyl, and in cubbies, berths and staterooms, waste containers, galleys, heads, etc. Also available in Clean-N-Fresh SUPER POWER; specially formulated for industrial/commercial applications and for high challenge recreational areas where strong or difficult odors (mold and mildew) are concerns. Sizes available: 32oz/946mL trigger spray bottle. 000367 $13.69 Regular Spray, 000368 $17.79 Super Power Spray









High power hull & deck cleaner and general boat wash. Highly effective liquid concentrate (1-2 oz per gallon) with advanced surfactants for cleaning. Lifts oil, grease, and other common stains with ease from all marine surfaces. Sizes available: liters & gallons 000362 $9.19 1L 000363 $26.89 Gallon


A unique wax/polish for ANY surface (including fiberglass, painted metal, stainless steel, chrome, vinyl, plastic, rubber, glass, plexiglass, eisenglass). Long-lasting protection that outlasts most other waxes. Leaves a lustrous, water repellent finish on any surface. Not a typical wax where the chemical bond breaks down. Ultimate water repellency – great on windshields. No wax residue. Simply treat ANY surface. Sizes available: liters 000369 $13.49 1L

Fast-acting bacteria and enzymes (held in suspension) that rapidly break-down organic waste, eliminating – not masking – odors. Optimizes tank capacity and reduces pump-out frequency lowering cost of ownership. Ideal for boats/yachts of all sizes. Enhances the natural biological activity and reduces oxygen demand. Sizes available: liters 000374 $12.49 1L

EPA Registered fuel additive to maximize the performance of marine gasoline. Specifically formulated to overcome oxygenated fuel (i.e. Ethanol) deficiencies. Reduces emissions by up to 90% with continual usage. Eliminates: carbon, water moisture, gum and varnishes, clogged injectors and sludge. Improves lubrication. Protects fuel injectors, injector pumps, and valves. Increase octane by 3.6 to 4.9 points. 8oz/250mL treats 200 gallons. Sizes available: 8 oz/250mL, 16oz/500mL 32 oz/1 liter SPECIAL ORDER 8oz 000383 16oz 000384 32oz 000385

Industrial strength cleaner. Can be used for removal of difficult stains and marks. Cleans, degreases and deodorizes cleaned areas. Non-caustic, nonflammable, non-combustible, and no VOCs. Use on virtually any surface to cut through grease, grease markers, bumper marks, rub marks, glue, tree sap, among many other stains and marks. Use on fiberglass, metals, wood, and many other hard surfaces. Can be used at various dilution levels for heavy- to light-duty tasks. Size available: liters 000371 $15.99 1L

Highly effective biodegradable, concentrated liquid that dissolves oil, grease, fuel, and sludge. Contains emulsifiers, corrosion inhibitors, wetting, and cleaning agents for added benefits to bilges and bilge systems. Use to clean bilge areas, bilge plates, machinery, and plumbing. Allows for easy bilge maintenance, safe pump-out and draining of bilges SPECIAL ORDER. Sizes available: liters 000370 $12.49 1L

EPA Registered fuel additive to maximize the performance of marine diesel fuel. Specifically formulated to overcome deficiencies associated with low sulfur diesel fuels. Reduces black smoke and emissions by 50% to as much as 90% with continual usage. Eliminates: carbon, water moisture, gum and varnishes, clogged injectors, sludge and algae. Upgrades the quality of all diesel fuels. Formulated for high-moisture environs. Improves lubricity. Combustion rate improvements range from 8% to 14%. 8oz/250mL treats 200 gallons. Sizes available: 8 oz/250mL, 16oz/500mL 32 oz/1 liter SPECIAL ORDER 8oz 000380 16oz 000381 32oz 000382


High performance glass and hard surface cleaner that makes surfaces sparkle without streaks. No ammonia. No VOCs. No odor. Use on windows (safe for tinted windows), glass, counter tops, plastic surfaces, dashes, etc. Sizes available: 32 oz trigger spray bottle 000372 $8.99 Spray

Uses the power of oxygen to remove stains and odors. Free of phosphates, dyes, chemicals, chlorine bleaches, solvents and abrasives. Harmless to the environment. Ideal for live a-boards and use in marina laundry facilities. Sizes available: 1.5 lbs/680g container SPECIAL ORDER 000373 $13.49 1.5lbs/680g

Category 3, TC-W3 2-cycle oil alternative that exceeds APITC standards andspecifications. No ash 2-cycle oil alternative specifically formulated for marine engines to maximize engine performance. Protects valves, cylinders, rings, and lubricates crank seals. Eliminates: carbon, water moisture, gum and varnishes. Improves viscosity and lubricity. Protects fuel injectors, injector pumps and valves. Reduces smoke and polluting exhausts. Keeps both carburetors a d fuel injectors new and clean. Reduces deterioration rate of injector spray hoses. Improves burn times by 3.1% to 4.5%, and cold start performance. Oil replacement that is formulated for all 50:1 ratio oil injector systemsn and fuel-oil mixtures. Meets or exceeds all manufacturers’ specifications. Sizes available: 16oz/500mL 32 oz/1 liter, 1 gallon and 5 gallon SPECIAL ORDER 16oz 000386 32oz 000387



SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION SPECIAL ADVERTISING SECTION most efficient and environmentally friendly manner.” For more information, contact Raritan Engineering at (856) 825-4900 or visit www.raritaneng.com.

Sea Hawk Mission Bay Antifouling Paint Helps Keep California’s Waterways Clean While most boat owners may not p aint t heir vesse l s gre e n , whe n i t comes to antifouling paint, they all want a “green” boat. That’s why Sea Hawk Premium Yacht Finishes recently introduced Mission Bay™, a copper-free antifouling paint, into the California market. Always on the vanguard of the environmental movement, California has recognized traditional antifoulants as being responsible for the buildup of copper deposits in the state’s bays and waterways. The new Mission Bay paint delivers superior hull protection without causing copper bioaccumulation. “We are proud to offer this environmentally friendly antifouling coating,” said Jason Revie, Sea Hawk Paints vice president, sales and marketing. “We were inspired to make a change to help solve Southern California waters’ potential copper buildup problem. Now, there’s a ‘green’ product on the market that doesn’t sacrifice performance.”

proved by the California EPA, but Lloyd’s Register also has recognized Sea Hawk in compliance with the IMO International Convention on the control of harmful antifouling systems on ships. Lloyd’s has named Mission Bay to its list of globally approved products. Sea Hawk offers Mission Bay in two versions, including the solvent-free Mission Bay CSF™ with very low VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). Both options are available in vibrant colors, including red, blue, green, black, and white, and can be used over most competitive antifoulants after a light sanding. For a completely “green” application process, Sea Hawk also offers an entire blister-protection system containing no harsh chemicals. The Sea Hawk S-90 Waxing Etch & Cleaner is biodegradable with ultra-low VOCs to protect the hull from contaminants and eliminate wax. It is paired with Sea Hawk Tuff Stuff VOC-

compliant high build epoxy primer, which has a 20-hour overcoat window for easy application prior to applying Mission Bay. New Nautical Coatings, Inc. manufactures Sea Hawk Prem ium Antifoulants. Established in 1978, New Nautical Coatings is a family-owned and operated business that offers a wide array of products including antifouling systems, primers, solvents, and other marine coatings. For more information, contact Sea Hawk at (800) 528-0997 or visit www.seahawkpaints.com.

Thetford Corporation Sea Hawk’s Mission Bay antifouling paint

Global approval Early reports from the field have been extremely positive. “After testing Sea Hawk Mission Bay on several different boats in San Diego, our divers report that the paint performance is outstanding and just as effective as traditional copper paints,” said Chuck Driscoll, vice president of Driscoll Boat Works. Not only was Mission Bay recently ap-

Thetford Marine’s new Marine Care line

Introducing a New Line of Green Marine Cleaners, Polishes and Waxes Few companies are more committed to “going green” than Thetford Corporation. Based in Ann Arbor, Mich., this manufacturer of mobile sanitation products for the marine, RV, camping and truck markets recently launched its Marine Care line of environmentally friendly cleaners, polishes and waxes. “Thetford is the world’s leading manufacturer of aftermarket holding-tank deodorants, cleaners and other surfacecare products for the marine and recreational vehicle industries,” said Kevin Phillips, vice president of sales and marketing. “Our all-new Marine Care line of environmentally friendly cleaning products strengthens our already strong position in these market segments.” The 12-product Marine Care product line includes: Bilge Cleaner, Boat Polish, Boat Wash, Boat Wash & Wax, Hard Water Spot Cleaner, Hull Cleaner, Liquid Wax and Oxidation Remover, UltraFoam™ Black Streak Remover, UltraFoam Canvas Cleaner, UltraFoam Mildew Stain Remover, UltraFoam NonSkid Deck Cleaner and Vinyl & Rubber Cleaner Protectant. Introduced in October, 2007 at the International Boat Builders’ Exhibition and Conference in Miami Beach, the Marine Care line received a warm industry reception, according to Phillips. “Initial response to the line has been outstanding,” he said. “We expect to add more products to the Marine Care lineup in the future.”

Renewable resources

Help keep our bays and waters clean for the boaters of tomorrow.

Introducing Sea Hawk’s New Copper-Free “GREEN” Antifouling:

Mission Bay Available at your local boatyard or contact us: NEW NAUTICAL COATINGS, INC. 14805 49th Street North, Clearwater, Florida 33762 800.528.0997 U.S.A. Only • 727.523.8053 International Fax 727.523.7325 • Email: [email protected]






The market is ready-made. As boating consumers show an increased interest in using marine products that friendly to the environment, marine companies are responding en masse. However, Thetford isn’t a newcomer to the “green” concept. The company’s marine products have been developed using renewable resources when possible. They are environment-safe, biodegradable and non-toxic. In fact, all but two of the Thetford Marine formulas are water-based, and all have an environmentally friendly emphasis, according to Mary Burrows, manager of Chemical Development. “Our bottles are all recyclable and all HDPE bottles contain recycled material,” she said. Soundings

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June 2008



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