Saudi Hollandi Capital (SHC)

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Oct 30, 2014 - The fund is managed by Saudi Hollandi Capital (SHC) invests its assets mainly in IPOs of listed Companies on the Saudi stock market as well ...

Saudi Hollandi Capital (SHC) Saudi Hollandi Fund For Initial IPO NAV : 397,543,951

First Interim - 2015 Report

YTD : 22.42%

Investment Strategy The fund is managed by Saudi Hollandi Capital (SHC) invests its assets mainly in IPOs of listed Companies on the Saudi stock market as well as purchase of shares of the newly listed companies on the Saudi stock market. The fund can invest in similar funds of its field. The fund's units are valued on a daily basis upon the market closing prices.

Current Price : SAR 12.2159 

Asset Class: Open-Ended

Inception Date: 30-10-2014

Fund Manager: Saudi Hollandi Capital (SHC)

Fund Classification: Growth

Fund Benchmark : Saudi Hollandi Capital index for the initial placements and sponsored by S & P

Fund Objective The fund aims to achieve capital growth through long-term investment.

Statistics Analysis Performance

Annualized Return



Fund Category : Equity

Fund Currency: Saudi Riyals

Price Since Inception : SAR 100.00

Management Fee 1.00 %

First Interim


Since in caption


Performance Fee 0.00 %

Management Fee Per annum Min. Subscription 5000 Type Subscription Fee

1.50 %

Min. Redemption 2000

Redemption Fee

0.50 %

Custodian Fee

0.20 %

Comment Annualized Standard Deviation




Average return




Sharpe Ratio




Saudi Hollandi Fund For Initial IPO has ranked Eighth, on YTD basis- among the Mutual Funds listed on Saudi Stock Market , with YTD reached 22.42 by end of the first interim 2015. The fund invests its assets mainly in IPOs of listed Companies on the Saudi stock market. The Sharpe ratio is –0.014 , with Annual Return of 1.95% through the first interim of 2015 compared to 2.06% in Q1.

The Fund’s Standard Deviation was 3.59% compared to 3.87% in Q1, thereby implying a lower risk level.

Fund Return vs. Benchmark

Fund Return Period

Fund Return

1– Months




6 months




Since inception


Assets & Liabilities

Price Fluctuations - First Interim 2015

Dec– 2014






Total equity



Net Income



Total Assets Total liabilities

Performance 

The Fund’s YTD reached 22.42% on 30-6-2015 compared to a YTD of 15.36% on 31-3-2015 thereby

indicating an increase of 7.06% in Q2. 

The Risk Level in this fund is high.

First Interim Report

Fund Manager : Saudi Hollandi Capital (SHC)

Argaam Plus

Fund Name : Saudi Hollandi Fund For Intial IPO

Mutual Fund Department

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