Tesla SWOT analysis

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Tesla SWOT analysis Maxim Musayev.

Jun 2016

History ◼ Founded in 2003 by Elon Musk, Martin Eberhard, and Marc Tarpenning. ◼ March 2008- Tesla begins production of Roadster. Eventually sells 2,150 of Roadsters. ◼ June 2008 - Announce Model S. ◼ Jan 2010 - Tesla registers for an IPO. ◼ May 2010 - Tesla buys former GM factory in Fremont, CA and Toyota signs deal to cooperate in EV development.

SWOT Matrix

Why Tesla? (Strengths) ◼ CEO Elon Musk - well known professional with good track record. ◼ High-quality car design. ◼ The Tesla Stores are similar to the Apple Stores and are an innovative way to market the Tesla cars. ◼ Has own researches in self-driving cars technology. ◼ Popular among celebrities.

Future for Tesla. (Opportunities) ◼ Environmentalism is in trend now and Tesla has good support from society. ◼ Oil is finite resource, so electric cars will be more competitive in future. ◼ Partnership with other corporations to export own technology. ◼ If SpaceX achieve its long-term goals "Tesla would make the first people transporter on Mars!"

Other side. (Weaknesses) ◼ CEO Elon Musk has overloaded work schedule. ◼ Price is still too high for wide audience. ◼ Poor infrastructure for electric cars. ◼ Limited revenues and lack of profitability. ◼ Poor variety of products.

A sound of thunder. (Threats) ◼ More and more competitors on EV market from year to year. ◼ Accidents with brand-new technology always are on frontpages. ◼ Laws can delay or prevent sales in some regions. ◼ Possible loss of government subsidies.

Main issues ◼ Tesla has to maintain its own fueling network. ◼ Tesla is trying to reinvent the car dealership.

Recommendations ◼ Make new model affordable for wider audience. ◼ Stay on the cutting edge of innovation and quality. ◼ Develop production capacities to support mass production and to reduce production time. ◼ Investigate the feasibility for customizing the powertrain components or applications in other industries.

Tesla’s Supercharger station

Model S

Model X

Model 3

Thanks ◼ Presentation made by Maxim Musayev ◼ For Career Success Capstone Project on Coursera

Jun 2016