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In the District Tab, once you click on your district, there is a blue button at the top for User. Management. Sharing and Multidistrict users will have special access ...

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User Management Health-e Meal Planner Pro Now you can add, delete or edit your users in HMPPro. Everyone from a District Administrator to a School Site user can be updated right from within the software. Where? In the District Tab, once you click on your district, there is a blue button at the top for User Management. Sharing and Multidistrict users will have special access to change administrators before accessing the district users. This is instance based.

When? Changes can be made at any time. • Editing and deactivation are immediate. • Addition of new users is immediate if you have available licenses. • Addition of new licenses can be done within 24 hours. A quote will be sent which can be signed on line. Why? Changes, at the site level especially, are continual and easiest to monitor by district personnel. This allows you to easily move or replace site users as needed without having to contact us. We are able to let you know the number of licenses available to you at any time so you can adjust accordingly. You can now clarify information like email addresses when password resets are needed. You have a list of your users and their assignments at any time. You can quickly generate a new user to take the place of someone who leaves. How? Search for a User: In the beige bar, you can search for any portion of the username, actual name (if assigned) email (if assigned) or role. Enter just any field and click apply. To make a new search, click reset. The default setting is for active users. The system will keep inactive users too. Initially, you will need to add the names into this new system. Usernames, emails, assignments and roles are loaded.

Deactivate User: When a user no longer needs access, it is smart to deactivate them. Click deactivate in the action line and a modal will show confirming deactivation. You can always make them active again through editing. You should deactivate before adding a new user if it is for replacement.

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TRAININGCAMPUS How? Edit User: Edit is ONLY to modify information. Click edit to update user information. To replace a user and put in a new one, you must deactivate the prior user first then add a new user, do not use edit. • Add or change name • Add or change phone number • Email address – this must be a real email to accept emails such as forgotten passwords, one unique email per username required • Role – will identify the number of available licenses • School – can change schools, add or remove from this list. Identified schools will automatically populate in the drop down screen. • Active – or the ability to inactivate or reactivate • No need to access edit through the school site on district tab

Add User: Click the blue button above the search field to add a new user. Fill out all the information including role and school. It will allow you to add a new user, only if there are roles available. You must deactivate a previous user first if you are just replacing someone. You do not have to add a user if the user exists and is just moving to a different site or an additional site-that is an edit. Once you click “create account” the user shows in the list at the bottom, and they are able to access the software. The default password will be 5*Welcome! for any new user and their username is first initial last name @district. Purchase License: If you want to add additional licenses for admins or sites, it is done through the purchase licenses blue button. To purchase a license, you must have an administrative license. Your name and email are required to make this a request. Within this request, there are descriptions of the types of licenses available. Upon receipt by support, an invoice will be sent to the email on the request and a new user will be added to your instance. When the initiator is notified of the addition and password, YOU will need to go in and add the user. Our user id licenses are “named” licenses, which mean that the license will be generated based upon a single user. The single user will be identified through sign up and will automatically follow our user names of first initial, last [email protected] The initial password will continue to be 5*Welcome until the first log in prompt to change it. Download CSV This button allows for a downloaded excel version of all user names. This can be sorted by different fields. Licensing Information We use Software as a Service licensing. Licenses are named and can only be used by a single person. They cannot be shared. One person can use a variety of devices to access their account, although can sign in only on one device at a time. There are different levels of access for licenses depending upon your needs.

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