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Why WS Packaging Group and WSPackaging&Label? Create shelf impact to differentiate your brand and connect with consumers at multiple levels.

Shrink Labels For top-opening packages, shrink labels can easily incorporate tamper-evident features. This might be required for consumer safety, as well as products needing to comply with standards and regulations.

Innovative packaging helps bring your product positioning to life. When it comes to taking your product to market, you want packaging options that help you connect with consumers. Packaging materials and product positioning, as well as when and how the product will be sold, are key considerations. Through our WSPackaging&Label product group, we offer an industry-leading mix of innovative packaging and label solutions. We're experts at building product attractiveness and creating consumer affinity through packaging. To ensure the right steps are taken, we keep the end result in mind throughout the entire packaging development process. Leverage our wide range of print technology capabilities in flexography, offset, litho, digital, and gravure to engage consumers with packaging that ... • Combines color, shape, and protective qualities with your brand graphics to create a brand identity with shelf impact. • Cuts through the clutter at the shelf to grab consumers' attention at the point-of-sale. • Tells consumers how to use your product, communicates features and benefits, invites trial, and confirms repeat purchase. More than any other marketing element, packaging brands your product, establishes its identity, and promotes the sale. Define your brand with ... • Shrink labels • Roll-fed wrap labels • In-mold labels • Flexible packaging

High-opaque white inks deliver the shelf impact packaging designers envision and brand managers demand.

Shrink Labels When you want a truly dimensional effect, full-body shrink labels combine top-to-bottom, full 360-degree graphics with container shape to deliver a stunning presentation. Shrink sleeves offer the highest shrink percentage and are made of PET, OPS, PVC, or PP. The high shrink rate allows you to make container shape a key point of differentiation at the shelf. Roll-fed shrink labels offer low to medium shrink ranges but still deliver the visual impact of 360-degree graphics for containers with subtle contours. By combining shape and size with high-end graphics, you can elevate your brand to a whole new level of awareness utilizing the entire container. Shrink labels can be used on any container type including plastic, glass, and metal. Shrink labels are a great labeling method in just about every market including food, beverage, household, personal care, OTC health, and nutraceuticals. And because shrink films are reverseprinted, your brand graphics are protected from exposure to scratching, scuffing, and contaminants.

Combination Labels Combination labels are a practical solution if more space is needed. In addition to the shrink sleeve label, an extended-text label can be added as a way to easily expand the label footprint for such requirements as drugfacts content, usage guidelines, or to tell a more detailed brand story. Promotional labels are another add-on label capable of increasing consumer engagement.

In-Mold Labels

Flexible Packaging

In-mold labels are an ideal solution for decorating plastic containers of all shapes and a very economical way to give a high-quality look for highvolume products. Superior durability comes from the label being heat-bonded right into the bottle when the bottle is molded. The finished container appears as if the graphics are printed directly on the container.

Flexible packaging provides the functional properties and protection needed for packaging dry foods, powdered ingredients, liquids, samples, and many other products that fit well in meeting the needs of today’s grab-and-go lifestyles:

The benefits of in-mold labels include:

• Lightweight single-serve foods • Food ingredients • Product samples • Travel-size pouches

• Enhanced speed-to-market opportunities because the label application takes place during container manufacturing.

• Precision portion control

• Brand protection.

• Promotional items

• Improved productivity for injection-molded tubs because all four sides can be decorated with a single label during the molding process. • Excellent squeeze performance and product stain resistance. In-mold labels can be: • Produced using lithographic or flexographic printing. • Matched to the container to be labeled, making them fully recyclable. • Used in both blow- and injection-molded processes. • Die cut with custom dies to match any shape or configuration. When you need to combine a high-end graphics presentation with a label that is fully bonded with the container, in-mold labels deliver shelf impact and consumer confidence.

• Portable, convenient product delivery

Showcase your product with high-end printed graphics. Choose from a broad range of material options—including lightweight, printable paper, and film-faced laminated structures—that provide specific performance characteristics required by the finished application: • FDA-approved food contact barriers • Single-ply barrier/heat-seal films • Paper-faced laminated pouches for dry foods/powders • Film-faced laminated pouches for dry and liquid application • Paper-faced lidding Consumers want convenience, and flexible packaging is a great way to get your product in the hands of onthe-go consumers.

Roll-Fed Wrap Labels Like shrink labels, roll-fed wrap labels offer 360-degree visual impact. They are typically more suitable for straight-wall applications where they wrap the entire container and, depending on the type of film material, provide a limited range of shrink. Wrap labels are seamed much the same way shrink labels are and can be used to label containers that are cylindrical, square, or rectangular. In addition to film material, roll-fed wrap labels can be produced with paper substrates.

Shrink sleeve options deliver opportunities for specific applications. Promotional/multi-pack Multi-pack bands permit multiple products or multiple units to be packaged together. This can encourage group purchase tied to a seasonal event, create awareness for a new product, induce trial for a line extension, or allow promotional co-branding.

Tamper-evident seals and bands Shrink sleeve labels can include a tamper-evident seal or a free-standing safety seal incorporated as a separate neck band. Perforations make it easy to remove the seal, which provides a strong measure of protection against tampering.

WS Packaging Group, through its WSPackaging&Label product line, specializes in developing innovative packaging solutions that can help you win at the shelf with: • Enhanced brand graphics to bring new life to an existing product line.

Digital Shrink Sleeves Digital shrink sleeves combine the maximum impact of 360-degree graphics with the convenience of costeffective short runs for target applications such as: • New-product mock-ups, seasonal promotions, and test marketing. • Start-ups and regional roll-outs that may eventually convert to longer-run print technologies. • Small-volume, multiple SKU runs to take advantage of speed-to-market opportunities. Leverage the versatility of digital shrink and roll-fed wrap labels by combining them with variable imaging that allows the cost-effective running of any number of SKUs. In this situation, each product within a single run can have a different image, artwork, personalization, or serialization. This kind of flexibility creates a lot of opportunity for brand building.

Digitally Printed Shrink Labels Digitally printed shrink and roll-fed wrap labels offer better overall costeffectiveness because there are no charges for printing plates. This makes it possible to take advantage of lowvolume production runs, which were previously costprohibitive due to setup and tooling charges.

• Digital print options for prototyping and short-run commercial launches for test marketing. • Speed-to-market strategies that allow cost-effective SKU development. • Improved production efficiencies and reduced costs. • Improved productivity in carton assembly and loading in your production lines. Our packaging experts collaborate with your team to evaluate your project from every angle. You can rely on our printing expertise to engineer and execute shrink labels, roll-fed wrap labels, in-mold labels, and flexible packaging that increase purchase appeal and enhance brand graphics.

Promotions help navigate the path to purchase Motivating shopper behavior at multiple levels helps drive consumer participation and increases sales. We have a broad portfolio of promotional products to drive repeat purchase, build loyalty, increase usage, trade up, and encourage multiple purchase, as well as provide cross-promotions, including: • Coupons • Promotions • Games and sweepstakes • Loyalty programs and cards • On-pack and in-pack promotions

WS Packaging Group is a true single-source provider of innovative packaging and branding solutions that increase your shelf impact, brand consistency, and productivity through four dedicated product offerings. WSPackaging&Label




• Labels (pressure sensitive, glue applied, and in-mold) • Folding cartons • Shrink decorations • Dome labels • MultiVision® extended text labels • Flexible packaging • Compliance labels • Printed and specialty tape

• Games & sweepstakes • Coupons & folded booklets • Large-format graphics & signs • POP/POS • Industrial graphics & signage • Brochures • Booklets • Overwraps • Hang tags

• RFID tags and applicators • NFC/Near Field RFID • Track and trace • Serialization • LinerLESS™ • Brand protection • R&D

• Lighting™ Label Applicators • Primara™ Print & Apply Applicators • Spectra™ Custom Application Systems • HERMA Label Applicators

With printing and packaging facilities across the U.S. and in Mexico, WS Packaging Group is one of the largest printing and label converting operations in North America. We produce high-quality label and packaging products for customers from emerging start-up companies to category-leading Fortune 500 brands. We offer extensive capabilities in flexographic, screen, digital, and offset printing; finishing effects like hot and cold foiling and embossing; in-house R&D teams for innovative constructions and product development, resulting in multiple industry patents; state-of-the-art research labs; and a proprietary online ordering, proofing, and brand graphics management system capable of seamlessly managing thousands of SKUs. WS Packaging Group provides a complete label and packaging solution because we’re the only converter that is an OEM of standard and customized label application equipment.

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