Panwali Doar Attempt. Our expedition was composed of Ryoji Ide ...

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Panwali Doar Attem pt. Our expedition was composed of Ryoji Ide, Tetsuo Mochizuki, Haruo Omori, Kenichi Takahashi and me as leader. We attempted the south ridge of Panwali Doar (21,854 feet), which lies just south of Nanda Devi. We climbed from May 1 to 30. Base Camp was at 12,150 feet. Camp II and III were on the Buri Glacier at 15,000 and 17,900 feet. The route rose from there up a rock ridge, a rock and then a snow face to Camp III at 20,175 feet. On May 27 three of us tried to climb to the summit but the weather turned very bad with heavy snowfall and we got to only 21,325 feet. Sh o ji Sa k a m o to ,

Saku Ascent Club, Japan