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Hollywood or Pinewood?

wonderful bonus, but you try not to put

Despite the pull of the sunshine in

too much emphasis on that.

Los Angeles, I really love the British film industry so I would say Pinewood. In fact,

Night in or night out?

quite a bit of My Week With Marilyn was

Oh, night in, probably. I can be partial to

set and shot at Pinewood Studios. The

one of those spaghetti bolognese in front

whole place is just absolutely steeped in

of the box kind of nights.

history, and it’s just outside London, where I grew up, so always Pinewood.

Stage or screen?


eddie redmayne This British rising star already has an Oscar, BAFTA and Golden Globe under his belt. Here he talks about stunts, Hogwarts and spending a night on a mountain in his Audi Q5

I think it’s probably metro for me, don’t you think! Although I’ve been getting

I’m on the fence here as I really love them

quite into stunts. We’ve just finished on

both, and I think they feed into each

Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find

other. People often say, ‘Oh you have to

Them, J.K. Rowling’s new film, which was

go back to the stage because that’s

a huge amount of fun, and I did some of

where the real acting happens,’ but I

the stunts on that. I mean, I do them as

don’t necessarily agree with that. When

far as I can, but I’m also very willing to

I started doing films I realised that

pass them over to a stunt double who

the camera picks up every detail and

makes me look a bit more macho!

this helped push me forward when I

WRITER Emma Barlow PHOTOGRAPHER Paul Wetherell

Metro or macho?

went back on stage. Of course, I enjoy

Eton or Hogwarts?

both immensely.

I had a great time at school but I think if

T-shirt or tweed? I’m a T-shirt man really, especially when

you asked anyone that question they would say Hogwarts, wouldn’t they?

I’m at home or off duty, but I do love a

Centre stage or director’s chair?

good suit when I’m going to events.

Never say never but as an actor I know

I don’t know, maybe it’s because I do a job

I have so much more to learn. The amazing

where you don’t really get to wear a suit

thing is that if you work with the quality of

that often – it’s not the usual uniform – so

directors that I’m lucky enough to work

it’s nice to get dressed up on occasion.

with you are learning all the time. I try

Science fiction or science fact?

to take an element away from each one I work with.

I think I am more of an enthusiastic amateur on both.

Awards or audiences? Well, I think you make films for audiences and the greatest compliment you can get is from someone who stops you in the street to tell you they’ve seen something you’ve done and really enjoyed it. I


suppose the awards side of things is a 020

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Technology or technophobe?

my family still lives in London so I love

test – I was driving around London and

I attempted to give up my smartphone

being close to them.

this guy jumped down from a juggernaut

but it didn’t last very long – I realised that

at the traffic lights and said, ‘Do you know

it’s very difficult to exist without it.

Beach or backpack?

I do love a bit of technology but my

Recently I have succumbed to the beach

17, so I pulled over and called the AA.

problem is that, although I like the notion

holiday – even though I’m incredibly pale

They turned up and basically walked

of it, I’m also a bit rubbish at making it all

so I do have to slather on a shedload of

around the car for about 10 minutes, then

work together. The consequence of that is

factor 500. What I love about beach

said, ‘You didn’t have your handbrake on,

I lead the most unsynched life – the

holidays is that there’s nothing else to do

did you?’ I suddenly realised that I had

different technologies don’t speak to

so you can just sit still and read a book.

in fact been driving around London with

each other so the result is chaos rather

You have more options when you go on a

my handbrake on!

than streamlining!

backpack-type holiday and I feel like I

Cats or dogs? Dogs, as I’m a bit allergic to cats. Sadly,

that your wheels are smoking?’ I was only

have to do everything. I’m one of those

Highways or hairpin bends?

people who has to be forced to switch off.

I really love driving on mountain passes. We actually drove our Audi Q5 to the Alps

we don’t have any pets at the moment but

Drive or be driven?

I did when I was growing up.

Drive. I love driving, I really do. I find it so

were brutal – we saw these cars swinging

satisfying. My wife and I actually fight

left, right and centre in the ice and snow.

over who gets to drive. But I find it

There was so much traffic and it was at a

I’m a London boy so I suppose town is

very therapeutic… maybe I’m a bit of a

total standstill. We were stuck there for

probably where I’m most at home. I like

control freak? Although I remember

about nine hours so we ended up having a

the theatre and going to the cinema, plus,

the first time I drove after passing my

good sleep in the Audi – it was great! 

Town or country?


for our honeymoon but the conditions